Siem Reap: Meetings and more meetings

As this is to be a mission trip, there were bound to be a number of meetings.

There wasn’t much in the way of solid information on the actual physical task at hand (to build the water filter).

Questions that seemed pertinent to me were neither raised nor addressed (data roaming, travel arrangements). Seems like everyone is still a bit on guard.

As was recommended, I had to get some vaccinations. I waited more than an hour for my tetanus and typhoid jab (I now firmly believe that waiting areas need to have complimentary phone chargers). When I did go in, I had to wait for another 5 minutes. When the doctor finally came in though, I could see why there was such a queue for this clinic. The doctor was very charming and disarming. She began to explain to me the details of the shots like how long it lasts and to what degree.

She deftly distracted me with conversation while she stuck the 2 needles in my arm. That being said, that jab didn’t hurt at all. Compared to the 3 wasp stings I got the day before, this honestly felt like nothing. Then again, it could be because it really felt like nothing at all. Those wasps though. Urgh.

Met Angeline there though it took me just a short while to remember her name but by then it was too late to say it. She forgot mine too though. hahaha.